Taller de Astrología y presentación de libro-calendario lunar

El sábado 13 de noviembre de 10 am a 2:30 pm, tendremos el Taller de Astrología y presentación de libro-calendario lunar We Moon. El taller se llevará a cabo en inglés.

Imparte, Gretchen Lawlor.

Donativo $400.

Gretchen Lawlor

Join astrologer Gretchen Lawlor (recently returned to Tepoztlan) for an experiential journey through the big themes, opportunities and challenges we’ll be experiencing in 2022.
Plotting the movements of the sun, moon and stars with the use of a great navigational tool- We’Moon Almanac 2022, come learn to ride the tides and dodge the disasters. Did you realize “disaster» means to go against the stars?
We’Moon Almanacs will be available for use in the workshop, and for sale at La Sombra Bookstore. In Spanish and in English.
Originally from New Zealand, Gretchen became an astrologer after an experience at age 18. She’s studied and tended the stars around the world with great delight ever since. Come hear the story of how it began, and learn more about connecting with the stars yourself. All welcome, no prior experience required.