American Politics 101: Making Sense of the News

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Mike Krauss

Mike Krauss is a founding director of the U.S. Public Banking Institute and founder and chair of the Pennsylvania Project, and a veteran senior executive in the international logistics and distribution industry. After leaving university with a degree in government, he was an officer of PA county and state government, campaign manager and advisor to candidates for local, state and federal office and director of the PA Republican Party. He was on staff at two Republican National Conventions and went to lots of swell parties in Georgetown. He later was a principal organizer of a grass roots environmental organization that forced a referendum on a plan to divert millions of gallons of water a day out of the Delaware River for a nuclear power plant and commercial development of farmland. For a decade, he has been a regular oped contributor to three newspapers in suburban Philadelphia and his by line has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer and other daily newspapers and public policy and political websites globally.

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