Tether my tongue

S. B. Urquidi.

A writer’s program, an unsettling poem, a famous author murdered seemingly by mistake, all figure in Tether My Tongue the latest mystery in the Alma Jaramillo series. Alma, a journalist based in the city of Ávila, Mexico, is trying to balance a career, motherhood and a new marriage when her life is dangerously upended by the unexpected appearance of a former lover. In an effort to bury the past and safeguard her privacy, Alma unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that may destroy the two things she loves most: her husband and her family.

Set during Mexico’s fabled Day of the Dead festivities, Tether My Tongue offers the reader a chance to experience the traditions and rituals that have made this celebration so unique. The book explores the consequences of guilty secrets and false assumptions as well as the influence that charm, wealth and power have on our perception of the truth. How we see ourselves and how we want the world to see us are just a few of the questions that Alma must confront in this latest adventure.