Australian Women in Mexico

Journeys, Australian Women in Mexico

Te invitamos a la presentación (en inglés) del libro

JOURNEYS, Australian Women in Mexico


Bernard Unkles
Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy

Sarah Connor
Environmental Scientist

Claudia Vidal
Translator and Family Therapist

Zoe Phillips
Consultant at Control Risks

Jennifer Cooper
Coauthor and editor of the book Journeys

*All of the panel are Australians or Mexican-Australians
who are currently living in Mexico

Al final habrá una sección de preguntas y respuestas con traducción simultánea.

«Astonishing, journeys, love, stories – these four words perfectly illustrate reactions to Mexico over a period of fifty years of the thirteen Australian women from a range of backgrounds and professions who contribute to this atypical collection of travel writings. Some have visited Mexico several times for work and/or pleasure; some have visited by accident and chosen to remain for a variety of reasons; some have returned to stay after a longer absence, pulled back by something Mexican which they might not be able to pin down exactly, but which they certainly feel strongly. Not all their experiences are pleasant, but the impact, even if initially terrifying, is almost inevitably life affirming. Earthquakes, robberies, strange neighbours, secret police interrogations in dark underground cells and student demonstrations are a part of Mexico for some of these women, but so too are amazing bus trips to remote regions, stunning art, architecture and crafts, insights into pre-Columbian and present-day indigenous cultures, the Mexican people themselves – and, in some instances, falling in love with a local. Discover a different Mexico through the words – reminiscences, letters and poems – and images of these Australian women travellers.»

Sábado 12 de junio, 1 pm
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