Bullet proof woman
Live your truth and return to your being

Bullet proof woman. Live your truth and return to your being.

One day I found myself alone, with three daughters. There was no turning back, the future was uncertain, and the present was terrifying. Clarity was gone. My castle was down to the ground, with no money, no friends, no patrimony, and endless debts.

This is a story told, no longer from victimization but from victory. It is a story of courage, and it tells how to break with so many limiting beliefs that have been imposed on us since we were children and many others that we have acquired throughout our lives.

It is a road map a blueprint to find again the beautiful colors of life and be able to fulfil our purpose of living in fullness, peace, and fulfilment. The way back home, to our Being and our greatness.

As a woman, I know how complex life can seem at times. However, my transformation was possible because I built a new version of myself, on the right pillars.

I invite you to be part of this community of strong women who are constantly empowering themselves. If you are going through a complicated experience of separation, divorce, being a single mother, or you have a breaking point in your life, open this book and start reading NOW!

Your new version is already brewing.